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2017 Toyota Tundra redesign

2018 Toyota SUV and Pickup

Company Toyota has announced two redesigned models for the next year: 2018 Toyota Sequoia and Toyota Tundra.

2018 Toyota Sequoia redesign

2018 Toyota Sequoia

Finally we get from Toyota’s what we want and it is currently in the most commercial segment of today! Toyota Sequoia is a big hit. There are more practical models, with larger trunk, more space for storing various-different thing. With this model, Toyota has done dominant compromise, delivering to the market model that will satisfy those who have been with disgust looked at the SUV. However, far from being the Toyota protege is not practical, because of his lack in “liters” is replaced with intelligent layout and configuration.┬áProven motorization and mechanics additional Sequoia put in the forefront. Toyota with this model performs with five-year warranty, without limitation in milage.

Who is Toyota Sequoia for? Definitely Toyota target a younger clientele, and younger families. Also, customers who want premium quality without having to resort to deep in the pocket, also will consider this model as a relevant option. Our tested model, with JBL audio system, will certainly impress younger people, and those who experience its second youth (a euphemism for a mid-life crisis). Joking aside, the Toyota Sequoia definitely has up his sleeve strong point.

2017 Toyota Tundra redesign

New Toyota Tundra 2018

How would Americans say: full-size class is right thing! This class is starting with the famous Ford F150 models until other US and Japanese competitors. Giant dimensions with big V8 engines that have enough and too much torque.

These mastodons of automotive industry are native to America (one might say). On the other hand, Europe marked the midsize pickups, with the Isuzu D-Max as one of the typical examples of this class. For the European notions of the model fairly considerable dimensions, over 5 meters in overall length it certainly will not help in the parking tight city streets.

Tundra is in itself impressive pickup, with which and Europe’s biggest SUV look fine. Ones either still and let’s add the fact “crewmax” so we get a huge vehicle cabin equipped for maximum comfort of larger number of passengers.

Even in stock form of this car attracted a lot of attention, if we add a little off-road equipment, we will get a vehicle which will automatically domineer on the road.

2017 Toyota Tundra side review

The new Toyota Tundra 2018 launches V8 engine with 5.7-Force Toyota’s gasoline, which on this occasion reinforced TRD supercharger, and it increases the power of the engine from serial 381 hp to brutal force of 504 hp.

This vehicle weight of 3 tons and must be stopped, and about caring TRD pliers with 400 mm diameter, which are located behind the 22 “rims that looks pretty small on this vehicle.

The fact that between the passenger and the driver’s seat has more than half a meter of empty space, enough points to the fact that it is a large, comfortable car. In addition, the interior is equipped in the skin, and bumpers are painted in the body color.

If you like big cars, I am sure that you will love these two new Toyota vehicles.