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Range Rover Evoque review

A few years ago, I was sure this was finally “shut down” of Range Rover, because honestly speaking, Land Rover since 2008 is not a British brand, since they were bought by Tata Motors. Fortunately, it remained to be produced in Britain and so should stay on. The new owners surprisingly did not make too many experiments, but they allowed this tradition to live. Not for long! The laws of the market dictate very fast growth of world-class urban SUV. This fact has opened a niche market to which Land Rover wants to be inserted. Accordingly, there is a new Range Rover Evoque. Skeptics would say that this vehicle is an inappropriate risk. Of course, it all makes sense in the case that Range Rover Evoque disappoint all hopes. If it will be the opposite, it expects a bright future under the brilliant brand.


The interior of Range Rover Evoque

Organizers are promoting the effort to provide a complete media representatives test experience. Urban driving, driving fast gravel roads covered with snow, a real Off Road and dynamic cruising highways from Vancouver to Whistler and back. This is quite enough to impose journalistic judgment of this vehicle.

range rover redesign

If you make a long description of what is seen in the photos, I have to inform you that the Evoque looks much better in nature than in the photos. This would be considered as a great success. It really drew and performed masterfully and in two variants, one coupe and the other with four doors. The front part is completely in line with the image of the Range Rover, while its low roofline, sloping towards the trunk of running away from stereotypes brand and a touch of aggressiveness. At first, the second and all other views, it seems compact and powerful, and sophisticated with sports sedan ambitions.

The interior is a class of its own. Leather seats give it a decent aristocratic touch. Sewn lining the main console instead of plastic only complements impression. The classic circular instruments among which the display board computers, which are read motor parameters and statistics exploitation, complemented by a new function – the chart that shows the current carbon dioxide emissions. There are no surprises. Joystick automatic transmission during contact to start slowly rises from the central ridge. Most of all, it is now clear. This is excellent sedan at first contact. If you do not show and from the off-road characteristics, went “fat to ruin” because of such a poor potent appealing beauties are everywhere.

2016-2017 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Price Review Redesign

Test drive of the new Evoque

We started a test drive of Land Rover. On the right muddy and later the snow-covered forest path full of holes like a frozen hidden surprise. Thanks to the rich clearance that can be regulated, sudden craters working machines not harm him nor jeopardize the ride. Quite easily and convincingly it pulls from such situations, which primarily can be attributed to well-designed transfer wheel and suspension, a relatively less poor engine (150 hp and 380 Nm), which is not appropriate for some larger “off road” adventure. Anyway, at this point we guarantee that the Evoque passed the first test, no extreme off-road driving. Speaking at the “off road” story, it should be noted that the only flaw of this “crossover” in the “off road” exploitation is relatively low, almost limousine driving position. Shielded metal sheet, deep slumped behind the steering wheel and instrument panel, with a relatively small glass surfaces, the driver does not have the much-needed field visibility. The corners of the vehicle are hidden and the view over the hood is falling much further than the bumps to be overcome. Since it though no one would buy for forest operations, this objection can be classified into protocol objections.

2014 Range Rover Sport dash