Audi RS5 and Lexus LX 570 redesigned

RS5 and Lexus LX 570 are cars from 2 different segment but they are redesigned at the same time. However, we present them together.

2017-Lexus-LX-570 redesign

2018 Lexus LX 570 redesign

In showrooms across Japan new Lexus LX 570 arrives on the 14th of September. This great luxury SUV is equipped with the same 5.7 V8 engine that was offered in America. In Japan, this unit comes with 372 hp at 5600 rpm and 534Nm of torque at 3200 rpm. 90% of torque is available from 2000 rpm. It is connected to an eight-speed automatic transmission that sends power to all four wheels.

As we heard, this model is in the closest competition for the best 8 passenger SUV.  To be among the best, the engineers did their best to make a good result.

2017-Lincoln-Navigator-L release date

Lexus LX 570 gets the same design changes as well as the American model, but there will be redesigned front with a larger grille and more aggressive bumper. SUV got new LED turn signals, which are first placed on a Lexus vehicle.

The interior got contrasting materials such as metal, leather and wood, and there are new trim details such as the Lexus Climate Concierge system. LX got the Vehicle Information and Communication System WIDE, a new navigation system with 12.3-inch screen, which now offers easier use.

Lexus offers an entertainment system for rear seat with two 11.6-inch high-resolution monitors, which are built into the front seats. There is a wide list of security system Pre-Collision System (PCS), Lane Departure Alert (LDA), Adaptive Hi-beam System (AHS) in the Radar Cruise Control.

The price of this model is 11 000 000 yen, which is about 89 000 bucks in Japan, which is more than twice as expensive as the new Toyota Land Cruiser 200 on which this model was based.


New Audi RS5

The new RS5 is really phenomenal. It offers an improved and simplified body that looks really fantastic. Front and rear bumpers are different redesigned and have a sporty design, but this car looks like he’s ready to win every race track.

Distinctive LED headlights have also been improved and now daytime running lights are not on the bottom of the parish, but cover the top edge and really work powerfully through the day. Daytime running lights to maximize visibility during the day, and in doing so reduce power consumption and keep your headlights and bulbs.

Although, the aesthetic is incredibly beautiful, RS5 under the hood hides the true power and beauty. There is an engine that delivers 450 horsepower and torque of 600Nm. This means that on the speed from 0 to 100 km / h can be achieved in 3.8 seconds and reach a top speed limited to 290 km / h.

audi-rs5 interior

The interior is more than impressive. The materials are made of durable and quality materials that clearly show that it is a luxury car. However, the impact of sport is the most present, a “cut” steering proves it. Huge LED display located on the control panel and red details only reinforce the impression.

In addition to standard equipment, Audi RS5 comes with a sensor for dead angle, dynamic seats, On board computer, navigation system and MIMI CarPlay Apple and Android Auto systems that allow you to connect your portable devices to your vehicle.

2017 Toyota Tundra redesign

2018 Toyota SUV and Pickup

Company Toyota has announced two redesigned models for the next year: 2018 Toyota Sequoia and Toyota Tundra.

2018 Toyota Sequoia redesign

2018 Toyota Sequoia

Finally we get from Toyota’s what we want and it is currently in the most commercial segment of today! Toyota Sequoia is a big hit. There are more practical models, with larger trunk, more space for storing various-different thing. With this model, Toyota has done dominant compromise, delivering to the market model that will satisfy those who have been with disgust looked at the SUV. However, far from being the Toyota protege is not practical, because of his lack in “liters” is replaced with intelligent layout and configuration.┬áProven motorization and mechanics additional Sequoia put in the forefront. Toyota with this model performs with five-year warranty, without limitation in milage.

Who is Toyota Sequoia for? Definitely Toyota target a younger clientele, and younger families. Also, customers who want premium quality without having to resort to deep in the pocket, also will consider this model as a relevant option. Our tested model, with JBL audio system, will certainly impress younger people, and those who experience its second youth (a euphemism for a mid-life crisis). Joking aside, the Toyota Sequoia definitely has up his sleeve strong point.

2017 Toyota Tundra redesign

New Toyota Tundra 2018

How would Americans say: full-size class is right thing! This class is starting with the famous Ford F150 models until other US and Japanese competitors. Giant dimensions with big V8 engines that have enough and too much torque.

These mastodons of automotive industry are native to America (one might say). On the other hand, Europe marked the midsize pickups, with the Isuzu D-Max as one of the typical examples of this class. For the European notions of the model fairly considerable dimensions, over 5 meters in overall length it certainly will not help in the parking tight city streets.

Tundra is in itself impressive pickup, with which and Europe’s biggest SUV look fine. Ones either still and let’s add the fact “crewmax” so we get a huge vehicle cabin equipped for maximum comfort of larger number of passengers.

Even in stock form of this car attracted a lot of attention, if we add a little off-road equipment, we will get a vehicle which will automatically domineer on the road.

2017 Toyota Tundra side review

The new Toyota Tundra 2018 launches V8 engine with 5.7-Force Toyota’s gasoline, which on this occasion reinforced TRD supercharger, and it increases the power of the engine from serial 381 hp to brutal force of 504 hp.

This vehicle weight of 3 tons and must be stopped, and about caring TRD pliers with 400 mm diameter, which are located behind the 22 “rims that looks pretty small on this vehicle.

The fact that between the passenger and the driver’s seat has more than half a meter of empty space, enough points to the fact that it is a large, comfortable car. In addition, the interior is equipped in the skin, and bumpers are painted in the body color.

If you like big cars, I am sure that you will love these two new Toyota vehicles.


Range Rover Evoque review

A few years ago, I was sure this was finally “shut down” of Range Rover, because honestly speaking, Land Rover since 2008 is not a British brand, since they were bought by Tata Motors. Fortunately, it remained to be produced in Britain and so should stay on. The new owners surprisingly did not make too many experiments, but they allowed this tradition to live. Not for long! The laws of the market dictate very fast growth of world-class urban SUV. This fact has opened a niche market to which Land Rover wants to be inserted. Accordingly, there is a new Range Rover Evoque. Skeptics would say that this vehicle is an inappropriate risk. Of course, it all makes sense in the case that Range Rover Evoque disappoint all hopes. If it will be the opposite, it expects a bright future under the brilliant brand.


The interior of Range Rover Evoque

Organizers are promoting the effort to provide a complete media representatives test experience. Urban driving, driving fast gravel roads covered with snow, a real Off Road and dynamic cruising highways from Vancouver to Whistler and back. This is quite enough to impose journalistic judgment of this vehicle.

range rover redesign

If you make a long description of what is seen in the photos, I have to inform you that the Evoque looks much better in nature than in the photos. This would be considered as a great success. It really drew and performed masterfully and in two variants, one coupe and the other with four doors. The front part is completely in line with the image of the Range Rover, while its low roofline, sloping towards the trunk of running away from stereotypes brand and a touch of aggressiveness. At first, the second and all other views, it seems compact and powerful, and sophisticated with sports sedan ambitions.

The interior is a class of its own. Leather seats give it a decent aristocratic touch. Sewn lining the main console instead of plastic only complements impression. The classic circular instruments among which the display board computers, which are read motor parameters and statistics exploitation, complemented by a new function – the chart that shows the current carbon dioxide emissions. There are no surprises. Joystick automatic transmission during contact to start slowly rises from the central ridge. Most of all, it is now clear. This is excellent sedan at first contact. If you do not show and from the off-road characteristics, went “fat to ruin” because of such a poor potent appealing beauties are everywhere.

2016-2017 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Price Review Redesign

Test drive of the new Evoque

We started a test drive of Land Rover. On the right muddy and later the snow-covered forest path full of holes like a frozen hidden surprise. Thanks to the rich clearance that can be regulated, sudden craters working machines not harm him nor jeopardize the ride. Quite easily and convincingly it pulls from such situations, which primarily can be attributed to well-designed transfer wheel and suspension, a relatively less poor engine (150 hp and 380 Nm), which is not appropriate for some larger “off road” adventure. Anyway, at this point we guarantee that the Evoque passed the first test, no extreme off-road driving. Speaking at the “off road” story, it should be noted that the only flaw of this “crossover” in the “off road” exploitation is relatively low, almost limousine driving position. Shielded metal sheet, deep slumped behind the steering wheel and instrument panel, with a relatively small glass surfaces, the driver does not have the much-needed field visibility. The corners of the vehicle are hidden and the view over the hood is falling much further than the bumps to be overcome. Since it though no one would buy for forest operations, this objection can be classified into protocol objections.

2014 Range Rover Sport dash